This web site is aimed at people who work with and write code for SAP and for those who wish to have an easier time of software development. What we do is create software, in fact we actually create software which is freely downloadable and useable (providing you don't sell our code).

We have been working with and writing SAP code for over 10 years, and as developers you can often spot gaps in the market for software solutions and re-usable libraries. What this site contains is the product of many years of our hard work, a few software solutions and a mass of re-usable code.

We have always been open source advocates here at Dalestech. As you would expect we do charge for consulting, but any software available from this site we are happy to give you for free. We fix and maintain this software as and when we get time. We write most of our solutions using OO, having used it for many years pre SAP. It was the only way that made sense to us, and we think it's pretty cool!

Remember to browse us frequently as we will be adding more content and solutions going forward.